Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Love's Fortune

by Laura Frantz


There are only a handful of authors that I adore enough to pre-order their books and read them right away. Laura Frantz is absolutely one of those. Her knowledge of American history is astounding and beautiful. She is so passionate about history and authenticity that she writes her manuscripts in longhand first.

Love's Fortune is the last book in a The Ballantyne Legacy Trilogy. This book revolves around Wren Ballantyne. Raised in the wilds of Kentucky during the early 1800's, she is wild, free and has no aspirations towards wealth and title. She is sent to live in Pittsburgh with her wealthy grandparents and must learn to become a gentile woman while finding a husband. She is thrown into the path of two exceptional gentlemen and must choose what it is she really wants in life.

Of course, I am sad to see the series end. However, I do look forward to seeing what Laura has next! I am giving this a rare 5 Stars because history is so beautifully intertwined with great storytelling.

Thanks so much,, for this book in return for an honest review. Here's to many more!!!

BTW, the first two books in the series are on Amazon. Just click here!!

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Laura Frantz said...

Charity - Oh my, you have a stunning way with words. Love how you crafted this - you don't give anything away about the novel yet you say so much with depth and feeling. Kind of like a good book! I can't thank you enough for your time and care with my books. It's a real honor to have you as a reader/reading friend. I can't wait to post this! You've given me a real gift. Blessings on your blog here - you have a ministry with books!!