Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TLC's Letter

To my friends and family,
This year God has really helped me grow closer to Him. He has been leading me into mission work and I was excited to find this group, Global Expeditions. They are committed to spreading His Message all over the world. I am really looking forward to going with them to Peru this summer.
 When I go, we will be at boot camp from July 7th - 10th, We will then head to Peru. We will be in Lima, the capitol of Peru, where we will spread the gospel and do mission work. We will also, most likely, go to the Andes Mountains and into the Amazon Jungle to talk to the remains of the Inca people.
I think God is leading me to go on this trip. I would be very grateful for prayers and donations. I will need to raise about $4,000, as it is a month long trip. If you donate, please send the money to 400 Calvert St., Hampton, VA. If you have questions or comments, you can contact me at: 
Thank you so much

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