Monday, September 1, 2014

The Maze Runner

by James Dashner 


Ok. Wow. This book is a MUST READ. I am going to come right out with it and get to the point.

5 Stars.

Thomas wakes up one day with his memory completely wiped. He remembers his name, but that's it. He quickly finds out that he, along with all the other boys in the same situation, are surrounded by a maze. Each night, at dusk, the doors to the maze close and everyone left outside will die. They must find a way out, but with nobody remembering, or knowing, anything, that may prove to be difficult.

The reason for 5 stars is simply that it held my attention without fail. The characters were interesting and the plot was intriguing.

Of course, there is a movie coming out THIS MONTH. So, here's the link to the trailer. Check it out!!

See you at the theater...

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