Saturday, September 6, 2014

Love Story

by Nichole Nordeman

I sit here very torn. I have not been this undecided about a book in a long time.

Love Story is a collection of Nichole's perception of Biblical characters. I think it is wonderful that she is so in love with Jesus and tuned into the people she is writing about. I don't, however, agree with all of her ... findings?

Nichole Nordeman is a fabulous singer/songwriter. I am sure you have heard her music and probably sang it in your car a time or two. In fact, whenever I hear about her, I think of one of my sweetest friends. Before she moved far, far away, we swapped some Nordeman CD's. (Love you, Robyn!!)

Like I said, it's a collection of her views on religion and the Bible. Please take it for what it's worth and pray about your own conclusions. There are some really lovely pictures that she paints, and some really dark ones too. I love that she is open and vulnerable. I also believe that those struggles taint, in both good and bad, her view.

Because I struggle so deeply with a few things, I am going to have to give this book 2 stars. Again, there was good in it, but I fear that her fame will taint other people's views as well. Paul clearly didn't have a problem with women. He worked with them and encouraged them. His ideas didn't stem out of dislike or arrogance, but out of the inspiration of the Spirit. There were multiple things I disagreed with, Paul was just one.

Thank you, so much, Worthy Publishing, for the book. Here's to many more!!

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