Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Biggest Fear

Christians are interesting people. It seems that we spent about 1,500 years being a church that got what we wanted in the name of religion. Crusades, Violence, Hate and Control. There is a sudden wave of change around 2000. Now, it's as if the pendulum swung to the opposite side. Now we are a religion of something completely different. Coddle. Look the other way. No Judgement. Always Mercy. I don't believe that any of it would even be called Christianity, let alone the same religion!

Look, I believe that God is a God of great mercy, compassion and love. I believe that He will love and take you at any place or turn in your life. However, I also believe in the God that is jealous.

People like to say that now we are a New Testament church. That the entire Old Testament is irrelevant. "I'll go with what Jesus said.". That's all fine and dandy, but Jesus was all up in the Old Testament too. So, yeah, I'll go with what Jesus said, but I'll take it as a whole.

There's plenty of judgement and mercy/anger and love in both. God wiped out nations of innocent children and then loved and took care of His people. Jesus helped the lame and hung out with the "least of these". But he also showed righteous anger. He also told Peter, "Get behind me, Satan.".

Look, I am not in the business of judging others. I am in the business of loving what God loves and hating what He hates. Jesus clearly loved the "sinners". But he also told them, "Go and sin no more". He never said, "Aw, I support you because I'm a merciful God!". Absolutely not!!!!

The God of the Bible is a complex figure. He should be. Why would I worship Him if I understood what He does? Why would I worship Him if I knew everything like He does?

I wouldn't. That's the point.

Stop trying to understand everything and put God in a box. He's GOD. We will NEVER, EVER comprehend His ways. They are above our ways. We can't box Him into what we think is the perfect God. That's a god of our creation.

Christianity is not the design for the church that Jesus left Peter with. We cling to that title and then make up our own gods. It is scary! People are so confused by what God is because everyone has their opinions and labels.

I am sorry if you feel like you are judging someone because you don't like their lifestyle. You should be loving them with everything you have. Not judging them. But supporting them in their sin is the exact opposite of what God would have you to do. Society has burned into our brains that we are judgmental and narrow minded.

Run away from it all. Get back to the roots. Love God with all of your heart, soul and mind. Love others as yourself. Period.

I feel that, more and more, we are being bullied into a faith that is against everything God stands for. It's not acceptable and I won't do it. I won't spend another 1,500 years letting the church confuse people again. Not if I can do a thing about it.

Stop worrying about our "acceptance" bringing them to Jesus. Jesus if fully capable of winning their hearts. We just need to love them (and I definitely don't mean support the things that Jesus hates). Loving God is taking Him as a whole. Even the parts we don't get, or the parts that make us feel angry.

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